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Sensational Kids Episode 1

Alyssa Azar - mountaineer and fundraiser


Alyssa plans to climb Mount Everest. She’s already achieved some incredible heights. She’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and at only 8 years old, walked the Kokoda trail in PNG. This is a sensational kid who's 100% committed. She also discusses cyber bullying, fitness and nutrition. A great C&C for community fundraising, history including WW II, bullying in schools and the value of a healthy lifestyle for young people.

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The Flip Side

The Flip Side of Bike Helmet Laws


It's illegal to ride a bike without a helmet in Australia. Sue Abbott thinks it shouldn't be compulsory and that it should be up to the individual to decide if they want to wear one. But Dr Jake Olivier is a researcher who believes that mandatory helmet laws are really important for safety. Hear both points of view and decide for yourself. A great C&C resource on how laws are made, community versus personal wishes and lobbying in a democracy

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Sensational Kids Episode 2

Greg Gurtata - life saver


There aren’t many 9-year-olds who can say they have saved someone’s life. This sensational kid, Greg has done just that. On Australia Day in 2011 Greg pulled two drowning people from the ocean and safely returned them back to shore. Greg is passionate about raising awareness about surf safety and he now aspires to be a volunteer surf lifesaver. A C&C resource for civic duty including volunteering and playing a role in your own local community

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A Day In The Life Episode 1

A Day in the Life of a Mayor – Mayor Michael Regan (Independent)


As the Mayor of Warringah Council on Sydney’s northern beaches, Michael Regan is always busy. One moment he’s listening to local resident’s concerns about poaching on the reef and what the Council’s rangers can do, the next he’s talking to kids about graffiti. A C&C resource for local government and the role of the Mayor in it, local government powers, local government as a protector for local communities, students can have conversation on particular issues local council are facing in their local community.